Doing the Heavy Lifting for Operators and Instructors


United Rentals’ United Academy for years has offered operator training courses contracted through an outside supplier. Training media options are limited, as courses are often presented on a job site without internet access. The company wanted to develop their own custom instructor-led training (ILT) courses for eight forklift and aerial boom lift trucks and also to develop a certified trainer program. United Rentals wanted to maintain full ownership and control of the training materials.


The primary goal of the training is to ensure operators can use United Rentals equipment safely. With this in mind, Epsilon XR staff worked with United Academy SMEs to define learning objectives using UR materials, manufacturers’ technical manuals, and U.S. and Canadian regulatory agency publications. We interviewed SMEs for real-world examples of the procedures and processes used in the workplace. Our Instructional Designers developed a detailed analysis and design document which included an overview of the intended audience, recommended instructional strategies, high level content outline, training methodologies, implementation approach and certification requirements.
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Using the analysis and design document as a blueprint, Epsilon XR developed the ILT incorporating safety regulations, standards, and best practices. Our Instructional Designers used a tiered presentation of learning content that focused on operator engagement. Instruction incorporated case studies, examples, peer activities, matching exercises, question and answer dialogues, equipment walk-around activities, and peer-to-peer content reviews. The training provided users principles and content for each task and then hands-on experience to practice knowledge and skills. Instructors then provided performance reviews with feedback for remediation. For the course materials, custom technical illustrations were developed to convey complex principles in an easy-to-understand manner. Custom icons directed learners and instructors to key topics. The average course length is eight hours. Some courses were designed to be modular so they could be presented in combination with other courses. For each piece of heavy equipment, the operator training course includes:
  • Operator Reference Guide
  • Instructor Guide
  • PowerPoint
  • Final Theory Test
  • Performance Evaluation Forms
We also developed United Academy Authorized Instructor training for their heavy equipment program comprising ILT and a master facilitator guide. As part of this program, we created a tabbed binder containing the information required to be a successful instructor, PowerPoint presentations, and Instructor Guides for the operator training courses they will be authorized to teach after completing the UAAI training.


United Rentals uses their United Academy to deploy their training and certify that students are qualified to safely operate industrial powered trucks or to become certified operators. The courses developed by Epsilon XR give United Academy autonomy to control these elements of their operator and instructor training.

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