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Unemployment Insurance (UI) agencies nationwide faced growing budgetary constraints and increasing levels of improper payments of UI benefits. The National Association of Workforce Agencies (NASWA) needed to help state agencies better manage UI budgets, more effectively analyze basic data, and prevent escalating UI fraud.

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This training was some of the best e-learning I’ve ever participated in.

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To reach its extensive, geographically diverse audience, NASWA determined the bulk of the training should be e-learning. Epsilon XR instructional designers and developers worked closely with NASWA subject matter experts to (1) pinpoint the most vital skills and knowledge needed for each audience, and (2) use genuine case studies and



We helped NASWA provide a multi-faceted solution, including certificate training for program leadership, operations staff, and fraud investigators in all states. Each certificate delivers rigorous, targeted lessons and “You Try It” scenario exercises that provide learners with skills they can apply immediately in their agency.



“I just completed the courses that are offered on the Data Analyst learning path and I had to reach out.

This training was some of the best e-learning I’ve ever participated in. It is well designed, engaging, and interactive. What is especially impressive is that the modules I already have expertise in, like Pivot Tables for example, are still compelling. There is an excellent balance where experts will not be bored to tears, but beginners will learn so much. Nicely done!”


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